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Ski Plus. Happy Moments on and off Carinthia’s Ski Pistes

A winter holiday in Carinthia is a holiday for active visitors. Carinthia has much more to offer than just skiing, snowboarding, freeriding and touring; there is a variety of options here to awaken the excitement of family members of all ages. There couldn’t be a better backdrop: a diverse alpine landscape with lovely views interspersed with frozen lakes, and a mild winter climate with an exceptional number of sunny days. The location of Austria’s southernmost state directly in the tri-border area with Italy and Slovenia comes through especially well in the Carinthian Alps-Adriatic cuisine.

Alpine Skiing. Enjoy Winter on a Pair of Skis

There’s no better place to sense a ‘lust for life’ than Carinthia. A skiing holiday in Austria’s southernmost state means active enjoyment and pure joie de vivre; it means broad pistes that are guaranteed snow on the one hand, with snow parks and breathtaking freeride areas on the other. There couldn’t be a better backdrop: a diverse mountain landscape with lovely views interspersed with frozen lakes and a mild winter climate with an exceptional number of sunny days. These are ideal conditions for moments of winter joy off the pistes as well. Because Carinthia is located in the tri-border area of Austria, Italy and Slovenia, means that the southern lust for life and the culinary influence of the Alps-Adriatic region are brought to life.

Advent in Carinthia. The Best Kind of Anticipation

Dive into the tranquil world of Advent in Carinthia.
Atmospheric Christmas markets enchant visitors with Advent concerts, authentic handicrafts and lively Christmas traditions. Let yourself fall under the spell and treat yourself to a few pre-Christmas holidays in Austria’s southernmost state.

Alpe-Adria-Golf Card: Golf from the south side of the Alps to the Adriatic Sea

Everyone will find their favourite golf course in Carinthia!

Carinthia, Austria's southernmost province, is known for more than just carefree holidays with warm swimming lakes and as a destination for nature lovers who enjoy hiking and cycling. With 12 attractive golf courses, Carinthia is also a paradise for all those who have fallen in love with chasing that small, white ball.

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