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Festivals. Folklore. Friendship. Autumn in Carinthia.

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Autumn in Carinthia (©FranzGERDL)
Autumn in Carinthia

The loud sounds of summer have faded away and the busy time between lakes and mountains has passed. When the sun is lower in the sky, the light is softer and Carinthia has more time to celebrate its festivals, traditions that often go back centuries.

Carinthian folk culture
Autumn fairs mean one harvest thanksgiving, alpine and culinary festival after another. The highlights: cheese, polenta, smoked ham and cider. The accompaniments: real Carinthian folklore.

Carinthian culinary experience
Food plays a very important role in autumn. Dishes are cooked using regional recipes that have been handed down for generations. To go with them: cider, elderberry juice or pear frizzante. The names of the dishes may be confusing to the uninitiated, but you’ll always find somebody who will explain. You can then get supplies from the local farmers for taking home.
Carinthian customs and fairs
Festivals, markets and harvest thanksgiving, handcrafts, music, food and drink – all the elements of folk culture are included here. Whether on the village square, in local restaurants or on farms – farmers, hoteliers, craftsmen and clubs turn the festival into an experience for all ages and serve visitors all kinds of culinary treats from the region.

Autumn in Carinthia

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